How are eyelash extensions applied?

A single natural eyelash is isolated and a synthetic lash is adhered to the natural lash approx 1 mm from the eyelid. Neither the adhesive or the lash extension should have any contact with the skin. 

How long do eyelash extensions last?

They will last as long as your natural lash cycle. Each natural lash grows and sheds in a cycle that lasts approximately 30-45 days, remembering that each lash is at a different stage of its cycle. On average, your eye will shed 2-4 lashes per day per eye. The Rabbit Room recommends lash refills either 2 or 3 weekly if you wish to keep them looking full.

Will I be able to feel my lash extensions?

​No, you should absolutely not be able to feel them. 

How many lashes will be applied?

​Eyelash extensions are applied to each possible natural lash, so you can expect to receive anywhere from 80-120 lashes per eye depending on how many natural lashes you have.

Can I book a refill if I am not an existing client?

Unfortunately we do not complete refills if you are coming to us from another last artist. This is something we used to do, but we were finding that the quality of the work coming to us, was not at our standard. Our name and reputation is far too important to us.

The removal of your current lash extensions will incur a $20 removal fee in addition to the cost of the new set. 

When can I not have eyelash extensions applied?

​Avoid having eyelash extensions applied if you have recently had an eye infection / irritation, eye surgery, recently undergone chemotherapy (in the past 12 months), or have allergies / sensitivity to skin products.

Can I wear mascara following my lash appointment?

​If you have classic lash extensions, then YES, however it must be an approved mascara that has been specifically developed to be worn with lash extensions. We do not recommend the use of store bought mascara on your lash extensions due the proteins and oil they contain. Proteins and oil do not play well with the adhesive and will shorten the life of your extensions.   

Is there anything I can't do following my lash appointment?

No swimming, steam rooms, saunas or facials for 48 hours following application. As lash adhesive draws moisture from the air to cure, doing any of these things may cause the adhesive to cure too quickly and cause it to crack. This may result in your extensions falling off prematurely.

Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?

YES! Ensure all eye makeup is removed prior to arrival at your appointment. This includes foundation around the eye area.

Arriving with no eye makeup = more lash time!

Are your lash extensions cruelty free?

Yes absolutely. We only use 100% high quality synthetic sable, silk and cashmere lashes. ​

Is it safe to have eyelash extensions applied during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, YES eyelash extensions are safe to be applied during pregnancy. The Rabbit Room only uses high quality, low fume adhesive that has been specifically manufactured for cosmetic use near the delicate eye area.

HOWEVER, if you are pregnant and have never had eyelash extensions applied before, The Rabbit Room does not recommend that you attempt this procedure during your pregnancy. Although allergic reactions to the adhesive are very uncommon, if you were to have one whilst pregnant, your GP may not be able to prescribe you with the required treatment, therefore prolonging the reaction. 

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

Ensure you brush your eyelashes daily following showering, or anytime they become wet with the lash wand provided to you at your appointment.

Oil, cream and waxed based products will shorten the life of your eyelash extensions.

We highly recommend the daily use of an approved lash cleanser to help prevent eye infections and demodex mite infestations.

Daily cleansing will keep your natural lashes healthy, your eyelash extensions lasting longer and will help prevent a build up of natural oils, dust and makeup.

Avoid exfoliants around the delicate eye area.

Do not use waterproof mascara on your eyelash extensions. EVER!!!

Avoid rubbing, touching or picking your eyelash extensions. This can cause damage to your natural lashes. If you feel that eyelash extensions are not for you, please contact your stylist to have them professionally debonded.

I've heard people say that lash extensions can cause damage to your natural lashes. Is this true?

If applied correctly, that being every lash is isolated, they are not over-extending and the correct weight lash is being applied then there should be no damage to your natural lashes.

If you are ever unsure, ask your lash artist what length and thickness they use. The extension should not exceed any more than 30% of your natural lash.

If you have super short natural lashes and they are applying double the length or more, then you need to find yourself another lash artist. 

Classic lash thickness can be anywhere from 0.10 to 0.15 depending on the thickness of your natural lash. 

Volume lash thickness can be anywhere from 0.03 to 0.10 depending on the thickness of your natural lash and the volume of fans created. .