A 60% non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your appointment.

This amount will then be deducted from the total amount due at the time of your appointment. Failure to complete the payment of the booking fee will result in your booking being removed from our system and your allocated time may be given to someone else.

Though all booking fees are non-refundable, if you need to reschedule, we are able to transfer the booking fee to a new booking provided 48 hours notice has been given.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you can either do this yourself by clicking on the link located in the booking confirmation (easiest way), or contact us.
If you choose to contact us, DO NOT text, please CALL US! Unfortunately not all text messages make it through, so calling is the best option to ensure we are able to transfer your booking fee to your next appointment. If you choose to text, and we do not receive it, your booking fee may be forfeited.

Any cancellations in the 48 hours prior to your appointment will result in your booking fee being forfeited. We do have a NO EXCEPTIONS policy, so please keep this in mind.

If you are unable to provide 48 hours notice, you are able to send someone else in your place.

NO SHOWS will not be re-booked.

Times associated for each service are detailed on our website. If you book for multiple services and decide at the time of your appointment that you wish to cancel one, full charges for all services booked will still apply.


Arriving late to your appointment may mean we have to shorten the length of your service, so as not to inconvenience our other clients.

PLEASE NOTE: The full cost of your service will still apply.


To qualify for a refill, you must have your refill applied within 3 weeks of your last appointment. Anything more than 3 weeks may require a full set. If you are unsure, please contact us prior to booking.

We book our refills a little different to most salons. All our refills are based on time. We recommend that you follow the guidelines detailed with regards to the time you should allow, however this is of course entirely up to you and your budget, though please keep in mind that if you book for a 45 min refill and it has been 3 weeks since your last appointment, though we will work as efficiently as we can, we cannot guarantee you will be brought back up to a full set.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we do not complete refills if you are coming to us from another last artist. This is something we used to do, but we were finding that the quality of the work coming to us, was not at our standard. Our name and reputation is far too important to us.

The removal of your current lash extensions will incur a $20 removal fee in addition to the cost of the new set.